What to expect

Dr. Atakan is available for private consultations on Mondays and Thursdays. After you have made an appointment, Dr. Atakan will see you at the agreed time. Initial assessments take approximately one hour and you can be seen either alone or with carers and family members of your choice, such as spouses, partners, parents, children or other significant people in your life.

At the end of your first visit, Dr. Atakan will decide with you how best to proceed. If you need immediate treatment, this will be agreed and follow up arrangements will be made. Follow up appointments will normally take approximately half an hour. The length of follow up treatment needed will be discussed with you and will be agreed in accordance with your wishes. If you need to receive treatment as an in-patient, you can be admitted, with your agreement, to the Nightingale Hospital in London.

If your visit is for a consultation, Dr. Atakan will need at least one week following your visit to prepare a written report, a copy of which will be made available to you. If you have any queries about your report you will be able to email her for further advice.

Dr. Atakan’s fee structure is available at the time of initial inquiry. All fees are to be paid at the time of your appointment or full details of your insurers made available prior to your appointment.